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CMS (Content Management System)

Kerlontech employs an experienced team of analysts and programmers, who have developed the Content Management System software that allows owners to maintain their web site content with easy to use forms. Clients simply log onto their site and add, edit, and delete web site content instantaneously! In addition, the CMS also develops custom-built systems for particular business requirements.

The CMS, simply put, allows you to be your own web designer. Kerlontech will be providing newer themes and templates, apart from the ones already provided in the package, in their websites that the clients can download and use with their CMS. The clients can add/delete/edit or change the menu, pages, contents or photos and give a totally different and designer look to the webpage any number of times.

The clients can obtain CMS in two ways; as the product or as a project. The product will consist of the entire package with the space and domain registration. All that the client has to do is upload the website straightaway. As a project, Kerlontech takes up the current website of the client and revamps the site. The site is converted to a CMS proficient website within weeks.

The company also provides for complete service and support of the CMS package up to one year for the client including Domain Name Registration, Web Space Advertising and Web Business Promotion.
User friendly
Easy to maintain and manage even for IT illiterate
Hundreds of templates available
Readymade themes available
High speed and reliable
Plug and play modules
Total security
Supports common formats of images
Zero maintenance cost after installation
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