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The Kerlon team has worked to put together a non-profit site that will be an asset to the Malayali brotherhood worldwide. More than often, online users find it very difficult to coin in on the very information that they need on a particular service or item on the state.

Ever searched for cheap place to stay in Cochin or for a place to shop in Calicut online, and the search engine leads you right to the hotel in Antarctica? Well, put an end to it. When you want something in Kerala then look in Kerala, not in Antarctica!!!

Imagine that you have a shop that sells the best priced clothing in Kasargod or your mom makes the best mango pickle in Kannur or even your sister who is good at glass painting. How do you get customers to reach you? Advertise online and advertise where your customers will search for you!!!

Keralapedia is a journey towards building an online encyclopedia of Kerala, with the participation of the users. A service-oriented search engine that will list all that you need to know about Kerala. The site will be targeted at the user group of Malayalis worldwide falling under all age categories.

Keralapedia, an online directory of services available in Kerala is the first of its kind. The inspiration behind the website was to create a virtual platform for the service providers and the needy to meet, greet and do business. The website provides facilities for free personal and business websites, free advertisements, free search engine, discussion forum, news updates, polls, contests etc.

With Keralapedia it’s like spreading your business word-of-mouth online. It is also a fun way of doing it, with facilities for direct feedback from your customers. You can create a discussion forum for your product appraisal and be in direct contact with your customers. Make your business everyone’s business.

For the customers and potential buyers, Keralapedia is your ‘window’ shopping place. You can go through the websites and products details/appraisals/polls/discount details and decide on your shopping. The site also provides you with the options for direct feedback to your shop owner. You can also recommend shops/products/hotels/tourist spots and anything else that you enjoy in Kerala.
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