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Software Development

Utilizing proven methodologies and the best software development outsourcing practices, Kerlon Technologies aims for on-time delivery of cost-effective and reliable custom software development outsourcing and web site design to our clients.
      Internet and Intranet Database Driven Applications
      Web Site Design and development
      Software Development Outsourcing
Website and Portal Development

Kerlon offers a wide range of Web application & web site design development processes, which are mentioned as below:
      Site Analysis
      Specification Building
      Design and Development
      Coding, testing and promotion
      Maintenance and support
CMS (Content Management System)

The Content Management Systems allow the site owner to control, update and completely run a website on-line, without the need for additional software. Our Content Management System takes the full work out of managing your web site. The CMS is embedded with technology allowing for easy upgrade and feature additions. Our systems cover all the surface content of your site, as well as dealing with the site code, page file names and extensions. more »

Internet Advertising and Marketing

Kerlon Technologies is specialized in online advertising and marketing services. We strive to help businesses enhance their online presence via the global giant media, the Internet. From website content optimization for search engines, targeted ad serving, to personalized email marketing, Kerlon provides a complete package to help effectively fulfill your business goals.

Web Hosting and Administration

Network Administration - Setup, deployment, testing and ongoing management of all networking devices, including routers, switches, SSL accelerators, firewalls, routing tables and VPNs.

Software Administration - Installation of your Operating System and all server installed software. This includes the setup, testing and install of patches, service packs, upgrades and revisions.

Hardware Administration - Hardware and device monitoring.

360° Designing and Advertising

The Kerlon Advertising team, through its experience in advertising, promotions and media relations builds up successful advertising and public relations campaigns, by working closely with its clients to understand their philosophy, core values and potential market. The advertising wing of Kerlon offers 360° solutions to all print and web advertising needs.

Multimedia Works

Choose Kerlon for all your Multimedia works and on your ideas.We work on your dream projectsand build on them. Add creative ideas of our own , new techniques, great graphics and the creatively brilliant stuff that our designers excel in and you have your final product.

Corporate Network and Security

Business today requires enterprise networks to integrate with customers, service providers, vendors, regulators. While such integration meets business requirements, it also opens the environment to a number of new risks. Access control plays an important role in reducing such risks. Well managed policies on security devices protect the enterprise from internal and external threats. Kerlon security device management offers continuous management of policies and eliminates the chances of intrusion due to weak policies. Kerlon also manages the configuration of devices to ensure they are always available for running your business. The management and support services are delivered from Kerlon Security Operations Center (SOC). Kerlon SOC deploys state of the art technologies to provide uninterrupted services for our customers and is also ISO 27001 certified.

Networking and Hosting

What used to be two separate disciplines, Telecoms and IT are merging to become one. With a foot in both telecoms and IT camps, Kerlon is ideally positioned to offer clients expert advice and a choice of solutions for your data networking and hosted VoIP requirements. From hardware & software to network security and health-checks, Kerlon works with clients to understand how their businesses work, then making informed recommendations on how best to maximise efficiency, help your business to grow, and ensure you have the resilience required to keep your business going. Our service also covers:
  • MPLS and VPLS network design and supply
  • Fibre, FTTC Ethernet, EFM, GEA, FTTC, xDSL, WiMax and Satellite connectivity
  • Co-Location and Hosted Virtual Servers
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Centralised Internet Breakout and Hosted Firewalls
On top of this, Kerlon is also pleased to offer the below services for your local and wide-area networking requirements:
  • Local Area Network design and installation
  • Server supply and installations
  • LAN and CAT5/6 health-checks
  • WAN Acceleration
  • Home networking
  • Wireless networking
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Internet connectivity
  • Network security
  • Internet firewalls
  • Office-365 and Hosted MS Exchange

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